Email addresses disappearing from contact information

I have an installation for a client that I recently moved from one server to another and updated because they were using a very old version of SuiteCRM. The reason for the move and update was due to contact email addresses disappearing from the contact information. But, the issue is still happening.

The email address had to be there at one point because the contact can’t be saved/created without an email address, but somehow some emails are randomly disappearing. I can’t figure out why they are disappearing.

For example, 2 contacts were created on June 13 - 3 minutes apart from each other but only one of them has an email address. But in order to save the contact an email address had to be added.

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It really helps if you always state your PHP version and your SuiteCRM version (other tips here).

I believe this is a known issue, I’ve seen others around these forums and on Github asking about this.

Do you know if this problem is related to saving multiple email addresses for one contact?

Are you technical enough to have a look at the database to see if they are there? It’s helpful to distinguish between problems saving information, or problems displaying it. Relevant tables are contacts, email_addresses, and email_addr_bean_rel which is the relationship table connecting the two other tables.

Hi @pgr -

Thanks so much for the reply! The site is on PHP 7.4.33 - but it is hosted at Siteground so it is a patched version of 7.4.33, but, if necessary I can change it to the latest version of PHP.

The SuiteCRM version is: 7.13.4
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

The contacts database has 900 entries but the email_addresses database only has 625 entries - so, somewhere the email addresses were lost. I have run a report with a list of contacts without an email address and there are 296. All of them are contacts that were created before the transfer from the old server to the new server. So this issue was clearly with the old system and not the new system or with saving.

So, assuming it doesn’t happen with any new entries, it should be ok.

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If you actually open the record, instead of just in list view, is there an email address? If so, you can try just re-saving the record. I just went through this with another client. They “created” the records directly in the database and not by import or direct entry but by populating the DB directly. While there is an email address stored in the lead record for example, there are also two other tables required to be populated in the DB for a complete email record. This happens automatically on import or on manual creation, so simply re-saving the record would solve the issue if you find that the address is in the detail view.

That is the issue the email address isn’t there in the record at all and as far as I can tell it isn’t in the database anywhere at all either. The email_addresses database has 275 fewer entries than the contacts database.

But, I think the issue is that before I took over for this customer they were on a server that hadn’t been updated in years and I think that the old database got corrupted somehow, the issue doesn’t seem to be happening on the new server - any records that don’t have an email address didn’t have an email address in the export I saved before the transfer.

At least I’m hoping that the issue was isolated to the old server and hope that it isn’t going to happen on the new server.