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Email address validation?

I have a client with the format I used to work fine as I have entered contacts in the past. Now I can’t enter a new contact, getting invalid value in email address.

Is there some way to allow the period in the email address?

Hey @pstevens!

What version are you using?

Just testing in 7.12 it appears to be working fine with both . and + :+1:

@Mac-Rae thanks for testing it out! I’m on 7.12.5

Weird? Just tried it again today and it works. I double checked what I entered like 5 times, no extraneous characters or spaces and yesterday was giving me an invalid email and wouldn’t save. Hmm, I must have missed something. Thanks for testing and getting me on the right track.

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Glad to hear its working (Very glad to hear its not broken xD).

If it pops back up let us know!