Email address save error for v7.13

I am getting ‘Email address save error’ on SuiteCRM v7.13.

Whenever a user logged in, I am getting this error in CRM log.

[FATAL] User username has logged in.
[FATAL] Email address save error

Is anyone face this issue and able to resolve it?
Thanks in advance!

Do you have any custom code or logic hook that could be causing the User bean to be saved at the time of login?

Thank you so much for your quick reply. As per my knowledge, I don’t have custom code or logic hook related to users in custom folder. Is there any particular module/code file, I should check to find out about this error?

I don’t know much about this, I just searched the code and found that that error message appears inside the User bean save function. So perhaps trying to find out why it’s being called could be a good strategy.

Or you could simply ignore it, if it’s not causing any trouble.

You’re correct. It is not causing any problem so I will leave it for now. If I found any solution, I will post here.

Does this fix your issue?

I tried below code changes, but it did not work. Are there any other code changes?