"email address" missing as field in module "Leads" in WorkFlow


Just a few days into SuiteCRM I have trouble relating email addresses in the Leads module of WorkFlows.

The WorkFlow should test if for a new Lead its email address is already known to SuiteCRM as an email address of a contact.

Something like “if a leads email address is in the contact module email addresses…” that kind of logic.

However the field “email address” is not existent in the Leads module of the WorkFlows conditions.

I am happy for any suggestions where I should spend some time reading to achieve testing/comparing email addresses of leads and contacts.

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Hey there,

You should be able to use Leads->Emails in Workflows
As Emails is a Module on its own, which is related to Leads, you’d have to select it as a related module


However, I don’t think you’d be able to compare the Email Addresses of both Leads and Contacts through Workflow
Workflow doesn’t currently have cross-module capability to that extent, i’m afraid :slightly_frowning_face:

Though, if you feel comfortable with PHP, you should be able to achieve this through a Logic Hook!

I’ve written some brief steps on creating Logic hooks here:Change user when isn't administrator

As well as there being the Logic Hook section on our Documentation: https://docs.suitecrm.com/developer/logic-hooks/

And further information on manipulating CRM info: https://docs.suitecrm.com/developer/working-with-beans/#_get_list

With a Logic Hook, i’d imagine you should be able to get all contacts where the Email address matches the submitted Lead

Let us know if you need any assistance or information!


“Workflow doesn’t currently have cross-module capability to that extent, i’m afraid”

Thanks a lot. It helps to know what things seem to be capable of. And it is really nice to have a few people like yourself in this forum who post answers that really help.

I might look into Logic Hooks and PHP at some time.

Thanks a million,