Email address field type

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If you look at the create account page, there is a + next to the email address where you can add additional emails. Can this functionality be implemented for other fields without coding?



Hi Ryan

Unfortunately not

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I have seen two addons to achieve this:
. Suitecrm Dynamic Fields
. MultiPhoneField-by-SugarTalk (you would have to modify it to achieve what you want)

I think that you can find the first in the SuiteCRM website

If you google their name you should find where to download them from

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Thank you, Amariussi. I have a question. What is the exact name of the first add-on? I did a search but I see material on Dynamic Field Drop-Downs only.

Have alook here:

I am attaching the manual too.

The module is under GNU Affero General Public License 3, so I believe that anyone should be able to distribute it but since I am not sure I cannot share it here.

The name of the zip file in my possession is:

It contains the following files:
Suitecrm Dynamic Fields Installation and user guide.pdf

The actual source code is in the zip included in the main zip

If you are interested please let me have your email address.


Yes, if you could email me the files, that would be great. Should I post my email on here?

If you don’t want to put your email here I don’t know how to send it for you to try it. Maybe you can post a temporary address.

I am sorry but I don’t feel comfortable sharing it here, even if there should be no problem with the license.


It’s totally fine. Please send it to

Thank you very much.

Hi all,

     I need that dynamic downloaded path kindly upload the URL.

If you can also email this to me :slight_smile: This plugin is extremely useful!


I’m interested in having the files for this module.

Can you email it to me ?


I’m very interested to have this module. The website is offline and the wayback machine does not have the file.

Thanks in advance.

I’m very interested too.

Can you send me the files at

Thx :slight_smile:

I am also in need of dynamic field.

Can you pls send me at ?



Can anyone send me the file i’ve been looking for it and unable to find it my email is

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Hi by any chance do you have that file and can you share?

Thank you.

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Can you please share the plug-in with me. my email ID is

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Is it still possible to get this?

I have been completely unable to find the file…

I have emailed it to all those who have asked.
I need an email to send it.


Thank you for the quick reply!