Email Actions dropdown editing

Can anyone tell me where the “Actions” dropdown within an email is located so that I can edit out some of the options within it. I want to get rid of the actions that are not relevant to my application.

Regards, Chris.


I’m not aware of any way to make this change within SuiteCRM itself, I think you’d need to make some code changes.

The emails module might behave slightly differently, due to its non-standard nature, but with most modules, you can edit the “Actions” like so:

Find the module’s /detailviewdefs.php file , in the code. (Likely in modules/[module_name]/metadata/)

You would want to take a copy of this file, and place it in the /custom/modules/[module_name]/metadata/ folder.
If this location doesn’t exist, feel free to create it.

Then, you can remove/add items to/from the Action menu.

I found a pretty handy video tutorial on making similar changes to the “Action” menu, that might lead in the right direction:

Thank you for the reply. I have had a look in the detailveiwdefs.php file in the mail module but cannot find the Actions menu at all. Not sure where it is. Someone must know surely!!!

Regards, Chris.

When you are in the page you want to change, what does the URL in the browser location box say?

Can you give me an example or two of the Actions you see there? What is their text?

The action menu that I wish to amend is this one:

The url of the page is: /suitecrm/index.php?module=Emails&action=DetailView&record=5a0453d8-0c4c-e643-a772-5f0a2290affc

I have imported the email into suitecrm and want to remove the “Create xxx” items from the menu as we don’t use bugs, opportunities etc.



It’s there in the DetailViewDefs:

Thank you. Didn’t look hard enough. Will now try to amend having copied to the custom folder. Thank you for the guidance.