email account that send message in a Workflow

Hi. I’m very entusiast with SuiteCRM.

I need to specify the email account used in Send Email Action of AOW: is possible to use different accounts?

Regards, Massimo.

Currently no, it just uses the system default

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That’s a bummer.

It would be valuable to be able to change the outgoing mail account depending on the SecuritySuite User Group of the customer (to make SuiteCRM multi-client capable). Or at least be able to set a different reply-to-address.

Also just to use a different account for mails sent to users, as opposed to mails sent to customers.

Hello John,

did you find a solution for sending emails with different accounts within workflow ?

kind regards

You may use either a custom scheduler or a logic hook instead of a workflow. If the workflow performs complex things to reproduce you may combine the two. For example; the workflow performs all of its tasks and sets a flag that triggers the sheduler which, in turn, does the rest (send the e-mail using the appropriate email address).

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Nope I neverr pursued this further.