Elektronische Rechnung aus SuiteCRM erstellen

Hallo zusammen,

ich möchte mich mal in der Runde umhören, ob schon jemand an einem Modul arbeitet, das elektronische Rechnungen aus SuiteCRM heraus generiert.

Ab 2025 bis 2027 wird voraussichtlich die Übergangsfrist laufen, ab dann müssen im B2B-Bereich die Rechnungen oberhalb der Bagatellgrenze entweder im Format xRechnung oder ZUGFeRD (sorry, die beknackten Namen habe ich mir nicht ausgedacht!) erstellt/versendet werden.

Ich weiß, welche Antwort dem Einen oder der Anderen auf der Zunge liegt: Nein, PDF ist keine elektronische Rechnung im Sinne der Richtlinie 2014/55/EU. (bzw. der EN 16931)

Über kurz oder lang wird das wohl auch die anderen EU-Länder betreffen, deshalb die Frage:
Ist da schon jemand dran?

Beste Grüße

Ok so I had to use google translator to understand this I believe there’s more interaction with the EN language.

Nevertheless and meeting your question, let me first say I have no idea how “invoicing” works in SuiteCRM as the freakin thing got to 2023 without a built-in VAT field. The existence of Studio can’t be an excuse for everything in my opinion.

Regarding the electronic invoicing, we already have it working here in Portugal (not with SuiteCRM but available in general with options like wordpress plugins, and to many other apps) we have a number of companies who develop invoicing software, they have to be accredited by the Tax Bureau (has a different name here but for the purpose) and have to follow the SAF-T specifications.

Then within these, there are a bunch of different solutions:

  • some offer only installable applications/clients
  • some offer only online portal to emit the invoices
  • some offer the above + API

I believe the first thing to implement on Core should be the VAT logic. It’s not reinventing the wheel.
The solution for automated invoices (since I’m not seeing SuiteCRM building an accredited solution to every EU country and US state), also one that would be compliant and have legal validity, so I believe there will have to be a compromise half way integrating SuiteCRM with those options available in the market.

EDIT: Just to add, we don’t have to worry about the PDF formats because the accredited supplier that handles those invoices worries for us. Here in Portugal the invoices are also automatically communicated to the tax authority by the invoicing software, we only have to ensure the customer has a copy of the pdf on his billing area.


Olá Rocardo,
obrigado pela sua contribuicao.

No entanto, nao se trata simplesmente de emitir faturas convencionais em PDF, mas em formato xRechnung ou ZUGFeRD.

No seu caso em Portugal, alguem ja pensou nisso: reportar os destinatarios da sua fatura a reparticao de financas. Aqui na Alemanha, claro, temos que reinventar a roda novamente e exigir um formato muito exclusivo…

ZUGFeRD produz um arquivo PDF (como imagem) e um arquivo XML (como arquivo oficial); com xRechnung e apenas o XML.

A norma para xRechnung chama-se EN 16931 – Fatura Eletrónica e pode ser “desenhada” a nível nacional. Nossos políticos se esforcaram muito para isso…
A partir da pagina 26 os campos sao definidos:

Redirect Notice 2B1.1%2B-%2B30.pdf&usg=AOvVaw30vvhs2IzUCiPd5A1gVgYe&opi=89978449

No futuro, isto provavelmente tambem sera interessante para outros paises da UE; voces em Portugal parecem estar um pouco mais a frente (e é exactamente isso que quero dizer).

Desculpe, estou um pouco sem pratica com meu portugues…

Howdy mate man if you wrote all that without the translator your Portuguese is amazing!!!

Anyway hope you don’t mind me replying in English its only so more people who may be interested in the topic may follow.

I know here in Portugal we also have a bunch of norms for the document generation and digital signing, I believe will follow some standards which in the end are compliant with some EU legislation and models.

I’ve never paid much attention to the inners of the pdf generation process because as I said we have many options like InvoiceXpress, Moloni just two examples that are accredited by the AT (Autoridade Tributária).

So the practice here is use their API’s to get legal (pdf) invoices.
You don’t have those companies / invoicing software providers there that are already compliant? These providers don’t exist on your market?
I don’t know so asking how complicated would it be to have and integration where SuiteCRM sends the invoice details to that system, it generates the invoice, and SutieCRM gets a copy of the file in the system?

I don’t know really I’m fairly recent to SuiteCRM. So I have no idea if its possible.