Elasticsearch results only in localhost


I have configured elasticseach and it connects perfectly, but in the log I am getting a fatal error: (elasticsearch) failed in cron run. I have tested the permissions and everything is fine.

My suitecrm is lasted 7 version

Fixed by downgrading to 5.6 of elasticsearch.

Now the problem is that in the results, when I want to open one, it sends me to the localhost address, when I want to go to the ddns, I have configured the elasticsearch.yml with the network.host
But I can’t get it to work

What do you mean by “Now the problem is that in the results, when I want to open one”? Ideally, the results should point you to the SuiteCRM instance.

when I want to open a search result it redirects me to http://localhost/suitecrm instead of http://myddns.com/suitecrm

Have you updated your config.php to have the right URL?

'site_url' => 'http://example.com/suitecrm',

Ok, it already works

Thank you very much

But I need it to recognize if they have connected through the intranet for example, the searches redirect them to that ip, and if I connect through ddns, it redirects me to the ddns

is this possible?


Sorry I’m not sure I understand your situation.

You wish it to dynamically detect if you are using the intranet or not and display the search results links to display http://intranet or http://mydnsdomain? Is this not needed for other areas of the instance as well, or is this only a problem for the search results?

The global search results link (of the detailview) should use site_url from the config. This is a static variable.
Of course I may have totally misinterpretated your request.

[quote=“samus-aran, post:7, tema:83463”]
mostrar http://intranet o http://mydnsdomain

Exactly, there are people who access by lan and others by wan, it is only a problem with the elastic search.

When I use basic or advanced search, the results redirect to http://intranet or http://mydnsdomain depending on usage, but with elastic search, no, it always redirects to what is put in site_url in config

Can you please provide your SuiteCRM and Server Access to review the problem.

resolved the problem