Elastic Search Cron Job

Version SuiteCRM 7.11.2

How do I setup a scheduler for Elasticsearch? there is no documentation enywhere


The following ElasticSearch schedulers were detected:
No schedulers found. Consider creating one.

The ElasticSearch module uses schedulers to keep the database and the indexing engine synchronised.

Which part of this are you having trouble with?


If you haven’t set up your cron jobs at all, then you need to start by that. There are installation-specific instructions at the bottom of Admin / Schedulers screen.

A longer write-up is here:


To be honest I believe that most are not going to be able to set it up.

Unfortunately the set up explanation is rather poor for those who are not Linux Systems Administrators and throws various disencouraging sentences like:

. “Please keep in mind this guide is not suitable for setting up a production Elasticsearch server.”
–> So how do you do it for production?

. “Be sure that the current user belongs to the docker group or you’ll receive permission issues.”
–> How do you do it?

. “Start Elasticsearch. This is ideal for a test/development server.”
–> Same as above!

. “Create a new docker-compose.yml file or add the elasticsearch configuration your pre-existing docker-compose.”
–> Where? How?

. “And start with:”
–> What happens then?

. “You might need to tweak the OpenJDK version to match the one available for your distribution.”
–> Great! Any details?

. “And you should receive something like this:”
–> What if you don’t?

. “Note that the current set up does not provide authentication. Remember to secure your Elasticsearch server before going to production, or your data will be vulnerable!”
–> How?


How about those on shared servers with limited access to system commands? I assume that they cannot installi it!

Does it have to be installed on the same machine as the webserver or should it go elsewhere?

If it goes elsewhere how do you configure it in SuiteCRM?

I don’t think it’s going to be an easy journey for anyone except Linux system administrators (and still I am not sure they will manage easily!!!)

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Guys my questions is simple.

How do I set up a CRON Job for Elastic Search synchronization with SUITECRM?

what is the trigger?

I know how to setup everything else …

How do I setup a CRON JOB … wthat is the Trigger is the question?

here is an example to trgger cron jobs for Geocoding you have to use this:


what do I use to trigger cron Jobs for ELASTIC SEARCH…

Have you followed the set-up guide?

Specially this page?:



so on this page what exactly tells you?

press full inde3xing right?

I did…

then what?

do I have have to go press full indexing every day?

in addition… see the attached picture… what this means and how it understand if there are schedulers in place. so I don’t get this message?

I think that the instructions are too poor. Sorry not being able to help.

I suggest that you post an issue on gitHub, Probably the choice was to introduce it as fast as possible to provide the functionality. I presume that in the next few releases the problems will be solved.

You need to go in Admin / Schedulers and click “Create Scheduler” in the sidebar menu.

Then select in the “Job” Dropdown “Elastic Search indexer” and fill in the other details as you prefer.

I’ll try to get this to the Documentation sometime next week.

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thank you very much!

it works now!

That’s right! I spent the day trying to figure it out. These were the questions that came up. Maybe some more detailed instructions from 2019 came up? Couldn’t find one.