EditView Save Button not working

Not sure what’s happening but my Accounts Save button no longer works in EditView mode. I can Save changes in the DetailView of an Account but not in EditView.

How can I fix this?

Is there any messages in your html log or the suyitecrm log?

no message - found the issue - whenever editing an account in the Accounts module in edit mode, the Member of Field for the account is empty and therefore wouldn’t allow saving a change to the record.
Is there any reason why most of my accounts show up like this?
I’ve removed the Member Of field from the Edit View and can now Save changes. However, the fact remains that the Member Of field is empty.
When I export the Account records, they show a reference to the Account Number (i.e.000135142) but somewhere the link within SuiteCRM has broken as the EditView shows the Member Of field as blank.
Is this a bug in SuiteCRM? I’ve updated to the latest version several weeks ago.



Try reading the part about sub-accounts here

and then look in your database for every account you have related to other accounts. Some of them might be there, but not showing in the UI