Editing "Lead Status" and "Sales Stages" without programming knowledge

Hi all,

I am just trying to understand Suitecrm by using the demo.

I could not find a kind of “setting” menu/page to edit “lead status” and “sales stages”, both of which don’t fit to our business.

However I have’nt any programming knowledge, nothing!

Any reply would be so appreciated.


Look in Admin / Dropdown Editor

I understand that you cannot use admin/design in demo
I found your question tring to find a guide to Design guide to learn to use the Design tool
Now I already subscriber to suite on demand and trying to customize for my business
I am confusing about dropdown, when I create a dropdown I can use same one for any module or will be better to create one for each of the modules?
I created one dropdown to state the Lead Source, can I use the same dropdown in Accounts, Contacts and Oportunities?
Actually I wanted to keep the Lead source consistent through the conversion process, mean that I want the same status to go all the way until it become a Contact/Account.
Can someone help with this?

I think you can use the same Dropdown in different modules, yes.

In the conversion process, any fields with the exact same name will get carried over from one record to the converted record. But pay attention to the little differences, a custom field usually gets “_c” added to it’s name.

You can add some custom code to further control your conversion process if necessary.

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