Editing form is not saved


I installed SuiteCRM 8 and created a project. I customized an editing form to suit my needs. However, there is a standard panel that I don’t require. When I attempt to delete this panel and save the layout, I receive an error message stating “an error occurred,” but no additional information is provided.

Hello Daniil,
it could be, that there was a required field on that panel.

This project saves in my installation (8.6.1):

with the 3 required fields.

Do you have them as well on your form / edit view?

If you don’t require start or end date, you can disabled the required option in the Studio:

Name is a system required field (the system needs a link text for the list views).

If that’s not it, can you check your logfiles and see whether you can find a hint there?


Thank you very much for your answer. However, I don’t have anything similar to what you provided in the screenshot. I did it a little differently: in the module designer, I chose “Basic” instead of “Person,” and everything works fine.

Thanks a lot for the answer anyway!

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