Editing en_us.lang.php rather than using dropdown editor needs care to avoid blank login and http 500 error

Customizing the products and accounts objects data required new fields some with such large list of option values that the dropdown editor would not cut it.
So I resorted to editing the text for $Global … arrays for the dropdown list in the en_us.lang.php in \suitecrm-7.1.4-0\apps\suitecrm\htdocs\custom\include\language\ folder of my WAMP stack implementation. I created a small list using the dropdown editor before going to the en_us.lang.php to edit it.
In error I left off the “,” (commas) required at the end of the lines ‘option-x’ => ‘option-x’ and the suitecrm website started displaying a blank login page and the http error 500 was reported by the browser.
Renaming a backup copy of the edited file returned function, so I took a closer look at my edit and saw the missing commas.
Problem solved.

Hi Doug,

You should always work with caution when editing language files, as even slight spaces can cause issues.