Editing default grouped fields


In the Accounts module, there’s a grouped field “billing address”. I’d like to be able to modify the order in which elements in this grouped filed are displayed, and I’d also like to add another field to this group (or create a new one displayed in the order I need).

Could anyone guide me how to achieve that?

Thank you!

Have a look in


I think what you need is in there, although I really am not sure. But if it looks right to you, try Googling for details.

I did try to edit the file “DetailView.tpl”, but it doesn’t have the effect on the HTML output I’m getting… Any ideas why/what can it be overridden by?


Normally when I need to discover a place in the code, I just open the browser’s inspector window and try to get a good, unique string to search for in the code.

In this case, I tried billing_address_street

which takes me to places like


and many others…

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for your hint, I’ll give it a try :)!