Editing Dashlet Toolset


The following image is from Version 7.6 [Sugar Version 6.5.23 (Build 1061) ]

As can be seen int he above image. I added an additional + button to add button to provide an add options in the configuration bar.

For doing this I updated

setConfigureIcon method in /include/Dashlets/dashlets.php

The changes did not reflect. So I came here read about that and Did a Quick Repair and after that it all worked out fine.

Now, we have an upgraded system 7.7, we also have a new theme being used there Suite P (in previous instance we were using Suite R). I want the same Add Button feature here in this as well but even after modifying the same files and doing the Repair I am not able to get it.

After trying/searching for few days with no luck, I seek help or guidance on this.
Any help appreciated