Editing css, how to refresh cache?


I’ve had this problem several times before, but I never actually asked… today I will.

When editing anything in the Theme, playing with HMTL and CSS, I find it’s hard to get the browser to refresh to the new versions of edited files. When inspecting, I see that the downloaded CSS file names are changed from the original, showing there’s a cache optimization going on in SuiteCRM.

Then after a few hours or days, after a few restarts and logins, I finally see the changes taking effect.

What is the proper way of fully refreshing these cached files so I can see the changes immediately?

Thanks in advance!

Does a quick repair and rebuild along with clearing the browser cache not work?

I’m sorry, no… at first I tried just Ctrl-F5 on the browser (Firefox) to ask for a full refresh, then I tried actually clearing the cache for the last hour, then for “all time”, but nothing refreshed it.

The only thing that worked was pasting the css file address directly into the browser location:

The css file showed as a text file (in its old version). Then I hit Ctrl-F5 and it finally refreshed and the page was rendered with the new settings. This is weird…

Turn on developer mode in the system settings that may help.

I didn’t know about that, thanks for the tip.

For anyone reading this, here is the text from the SugarCRM docs:

Developer Mode

To prevent caching while developing, a developer may opt to turn on developer mode.

Admin > System Settings > Advanced > Developer Mode

This is especially helpful when you are directly altering templates, metadata, or language files. The system automatically refreshes the file cache. [b]Make sure to deactivate developer mode after completing customizations[/b] because this mode degrades system performance.