Edit List View in "ShowDuplicates" on Account Save

I have added a Custom Field called Division to Accounts in a table called accounts_cstm

When saving a new account I want to keep the Standard “ShowDuplicates” functionality but when the “Duplicate list” is shown I would like an extra column containing the Division information.

This is controlled by ShowDuplicates.php and ShowDuplicates.html in Modules/Accounts.

I changed the sql Query to correctly get Data from both tables BUT I am not sure how to amend the Javascript below to show the extra column. Suggestions appreciated

$query = ‘select accounts.id, accounts_cstm.department_c, accounts.name, accounts.website, accounts.billing_address_city from accounts inner join accounts_cstm on accounts.id=accounts_cstm.id_c where accounts.deleted=0’;

/** Original Query $query = 'select id, name, website, billing_address_city from accounts where deleted=0 ';88?

Hey DCPaus,

How are you? I’m Trying to achieve exactly the same . Actually before reading your post i modified the query exactly as yours.

What i couldn’t achieve is to show the column name of my custom field when the duplicated records are informed.

Have you got any updates regarding this?