Edit fields that users can see/edit

I want to have phone staff answering calls and entering the callers’ information. But I only want the phone staff to see/edit specific fields. I will be advertising and the phone staff will be taking calls from people who respond to the ads and creating leads in the CRM.

Different staff will take those leads can return the calls to hopefully convert them to deals. The second level staff member will have access to additional fields. The second level staff will need to enter notes as to the call history for follow-up purposes.

I feel like i’m running in circles trying to find a way to make this happen.

welcome to SuiteCRM!

Suite doesn’t have this function built-in. Still, there are some options to make the layouts more dynamic:

  • move all fields that are dependent from the security group to new modules (so that the rolge-/group management can cover all your use cases)
  • customize edit-/detailviews with custom code and include your validations
  • use a plugin like this one. It allows you to define layouts for security groups individually.

Uh – not at $1650 a year! Ouch!

We use the $750 per year edition and it works great for us and our clients to allow user groups to have different layouts for edit rights etc :slight_smile: