Easy way to do buttons in email editor?

I’m setting up an email template and tried a bunch of different ways to do a call to action button in the email. None are particularly easy.

  1. I tried inserting an image of a button with a link so when clicked if follows the link.
  2. I tried the function and added padding and a background around a link, which kind of worked, but I had to re-style the link.
  3. The html seems to work great, but then when you save the template, the HTML for the button all disappears.???

Here’s what seems to work the best:


Anyone know of an easier way?

I’ve recently had trouble building a button in an Email Template too. I managed to create a decent button that I think works pretty well and is pretty straightforward. Basically it’s a matter of how you style the anchor tag. I wrote a blog post about how to do it. Here it is, would love to hear other ideas on how people have done this:

I used the code and it works very good indeed. At first I was using a yet for some reason it was getting stripped from the campaign. The tag works well so thank you.

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I found a better way since I originally posted this:

Looks interesting, ill give that a try thank you!