East Asia Font in PDF template problem

Dear Will,

I have purchased one commercial version of SuiteCRM in Oct. Everything is fine except the Chinese font support in PDF template.

When I print quote, all the Chinese word becomes to small rectangular. Could you help me settle in problem in new released version.



Hi Edmond,

Does this page on languages help you at all?



Hi Edmond,

Please also see this page on languages.



Dear Will,

I use Quote module, the Chinese characters no display normally when I Print as PDF.

I check the font in pdf file is DejaVuSansCondensed. How to fix it?Thanks.


I check the DejaVuSansCondensed.ttf is in modules\AOS_PDF_Templates\PDF_Lib\ttfonts.

Dear Will,

I find this code in modules\AOS_PDF_Templates\generatepdf.php file:

$pdf=new mPDF(‘en’,‘A4’,’’,‘DejaVuSansCondensed’,$template->margin_left,$template->margin_right,$template->margin_top,$template->margin_bottom,$template->margin_header,$template->margin_footer);

the mode is en. should I change en to zh?

and I find this in modules\AOS_PDF_Templates\PDF_Lib\config.php

$this->useAdobeCJK = false;

could I change it to:
$this->useAdobeCJK = True;

Thanks in advance.

Dear Will,

now I changed this file: modules\AOS_PDF_Templates\PDF_Lib\config.php

$this->useAdobeCJK = false;

I changed it to:

$this->useAdobeCJK = True;

then Quick Repair and Rebuild in Admin module, log out, login, now the pdf file display normally.
Any questions if I modified the file? and is it a Bug?

Thank you.

Hi, how you solve this problem? I have this problem as well, but I can not find the folder “PDF_Lib” and do not find this line

this links are not working…

I have the same issue. How to fix it?

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same question!can someone please help us here?thanks!!

hi,can you find the modules\AOS_PDF_Templates\PDF_Lib\config.php folder?i can not find it…

Version: SuiteCRM-7.13.3

Step 1,
I update the font file to /vendor/tecnickcom/tcpdf/fonts .

Step 2:
and edit file: /vendor/tecnickcom/tcpdf/tcpdf.php

in tcpdf.php
find below code:
public function setFont($family, $style=‘’, $size=null, $fontfile=‘’, $subset=‘default’, $out=true) {
//Select a font; size given in points
if ($size === null) {
$size = $this->FontSizePt;
after it add below:
$family = 'droidsansfallback ';

fix it