Easiest API to create an object in SuiteCRM?

Hey guys

I have Gravity forms on our websites and I am progressively removing the dependencies on the forms to 3rd party integrations. So I run a cronjob every 1 min that clears forms that have been submitted.

Historically the integrations I have had, they send the form submissions when you hit submit, and you end up waiting for a 200 success message for the form to resolve. A slow server means a slow form and you get heads of double submissions as ppl click away at a slow submitting form.

So, we have all our forms running on a simple API submit to 3rd party systems and I am keen to figure out a good way of submitting forms to SuiteCRM that doesnt require a session ID, something we can do in one simple POST.

ie Salesforce I have a web to lead form which passes through a hidden auth code which looks after all the user authorisation so the code is as simple as possible.

What options do we have for simple form POST submissions into Suitecrm as if we are using postman?

I once had this problem and “solved” it with a bit of Javascript on the form, to make the Submit button have a spinning icon and the words “Submitting, please wait” for a while.

It’s not that people don’t have the patience to wait 20 seconds for a submission, if they know it’s working, it’s just that they doubt whether the button press was actually recognized and hit the button again.

I would like a better solution, though. Maybe server-side we could find a way to make the request return earlier and then do its work. Or, of course, just making everything more light-weight so it doesn’t take a long time at all. Some analysis of the causes of the delay could be interesting to have.

I’m at peace with suitecrm being slow or fast

We have multiple platforms integrated into forms, so 1sec x 5 adds up.

Most systems allow for a means of submitting to public forms.
Keen to find something similar which doesn’t require a session Id and I can test the submission from postman

I guess one could create an asynchronous process on the server…

  1. have a quick, non-authenticated entry-point that stores the data somewhere

  2. have a SuiteCRM custom scheduler run periodically and check that queue, and enter the data into the CRM