E-mail Templates not editable and not imported when selected


since the update from 7.11.16 to 7.11.18 it is no longer possible to edit the e-mail templates If you select existing templates when creating an e-mail, the e-mail body will not be applied. However, the attachments are added.

Is this bug known and is there already a solution?

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This should help

but I hear that there is still some problem even after that:

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oh, thanks a lot, I´ll check this!

Hi, found the Problem. chmod 755 did the job :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the problem is not solved after all. You can use the way direct e-mail - create e-mail after chmod 755 this works. If you go to a contact and click on the e-mail there, it still doesn’t work. The text field is also extended to the right.

Is the problem known?

Can you please test this new fix?

Hi, it works! Thanks :slight_smile: