E-mail Technical Limitations


Background: I’m faced with loosing 3 years of e-mails on several accounts because of unresolved bugs in e-mails (Check Inbound Email stuck in running when unread e-mails with attachments are in the IMAP INBOX). The only solution has been to install a new database and installation from scratch, and there is no e-mail import tool.

Facing starting over with e-mail, the risk of a re-occurrence, and some of the missing features in e-mail, I am considering removing day-to-day e-mail from SuiteCRM, in favour of a dedicated IMAP web app. There are some obvious disadvantages:

  1. No account history for messages
  2. No e-mail templates
  3. Confused clients that occasionally e-mail the system account
  4. No way to assign e-mails
  5. Maintenance for more software

Before accepting those disadvantages, I wanted to review the technical limitations of SuiteCRM?

  1. What are the maximum stored messages?
  2. What are the maximum e-mail storage bytes?
  3. What is the maximum e-mail attachment size?
  4. Can old messages be purged?
  5. Where are e-mail attachments stored?

Thanks, and Happy New Years