E-mail tamplate

By sending a direct email (out of the campaign) using the image email template, the image simply gets lost upon reaching the user and automatically the image address is also lost within the email template. Is this a bug or just me?

I know you probably already told me your version a few times, but I don’t remember because I am in thousands of threads (literally)… maybe you can just put it in your signature so you don’t have to repeat it every time. thanks.

What is the “image” template? I can’t find it.

What URL does your image get? Is it the wrong link, or a link that only works locally, what is the problem exactly?

Hi, sorry, I use version 7.10.4.
I built some email templates, inside the template I inserted some images. When I use this email template to send a campaign, everything works normally. But when I directly forward a single email addressed to someone using the built-in email template, the link in the image simply gets lost, changes to the ‘include / javascript / mozaik / tpls / default / images / image.jpg’ local link. When I go back to the email template, when I open the image, I realize that the link has also changed there, that is, if I use the same email template that worked in the same campaign the first time in a new campaign, it will not show the images as well.

Please make some more tests and then open an Issue on Github with this:

  • is it only when forwarding?
  • or also when starting from a new compose?
  • what are the simplest, exact, steps to reproduce?