E-mail Slow on Delete

Has anyone come across a really slow e-mail, especially on deleting messages (directly, or via Import to Sugar)?

My setup is IMAP on port 143 without SSL.

Is it possible to switch to POP and have SuiteCRM manage mail locally?


Suite only does IMAP so POP is out.

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I should add: Import to Sugar with a delete doesn’t update the inbox until Check Mail is run.

I’ve solved this. Unfortunately, not exactly how I preferred.

The slowness is related to personal e-mail accounts. Creating the same mail account as a group e-mail results is acceptable response times. This is most likely due to the group accounts automatically importing e-mails, while the personal accounts leave messages on the server and only cache the e-mail headers.

People are going to ask… so: I was using a personal e-mail because it was personal! AFAIK, any user and subscribe to a SuiteCRM group e-mail.