E-mail module problems

Hi, I am having problems with the E-mail module (SuiteCRM 7.11.15).

I have 3 Employees, 1 Administrator, 2 normal users.

From their Profiles (Profile > Email Settings > Settings), personal e-mail accounts (Microsoft Exchange, Mail Accounts and Outgoing SMTP Mail Servers) have been set, but here are the problems of all of them:

  1. When user compose and send an e-mail from SuiteCRM, the message is actually sent twice, the first time with the sender field Name Surname e-mail, the second time with the sender field only with the address e-mail.

  2. In the section Emails > Select folder, is displayed

INBOX (surname@domain.com)
Draft (Sent Items)
Email Sent (Sent Items)
Email Archive

I don’t see Deleted Items and I don’t understand why I read Draft (Sent Items)

  1. When I try to delete a message, the message is not deleted, perhaps because Deleted Items does not appear in the structure of the mailbox?

I await you with the hope of solving the 3 points listed.

No answer for me about the above requested?

Is there any user who can kindly help me solve?