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E-Mail Module for Outbound-Mails

Hey everyone,
I stumbled across two annoying bugs for outgoing mails after setting up my inbound mail account. The first thing is that SuiteCRM somehow lists the composed mails always twice inside Inbox/Sent Mails. After checking my mail provider I can see the mail also twice. Here is a screenshot showing this issue:

The other thing is that after configuring the incoming mails and connecting it to a account every mail sent from the E-Mail module ingnores the “From” Name. Instead the “From” Address is only displayed as seen in this picture:

The strange thing is that each time sending the test mail from the settings these issues don’t occure like the screenshots show. So probably there is a problem with the E-Mail module itself. Hope someone can recreate the issue and it’s not something concering my personal setup. Btw, I tested this on the lastest 7.12.5 SuiteCRM version and on an older 7.11.22 with the same result.