E-mail Message Pane Size

The message list pane is 2-3x larger than the message contents pane. On every view I have to drag the horizontal bar upwards to view the message. If this can’t be corrected in preferences (I can’t find it), does anyone know where the code is?


It will be in style.css or yui.css.

It’s a little too challenging for me. I could find a reference to a 250px height, which is consistent with the display, but not the CSS that specifies it (assuming Suite7/css/*css).

This screenshot shows the FF Inspector at that location.

Hi Will, any tips on where I can find this code? Its just outside my grasp.

Thanks again for all the helpful posts.

P.S. This would be a really feature (remembering pane sizes) for a future release, or at least a minor bug fix