E-Mail Marketing: SugarCRM vs. SuiteCRM

I´m currently upgrading a SugarCRM 6.5 to SuiteCRM 7.8.10

In SugarCRM while editing an “E-Mail Marketing” on can choose which prospect list from the parent campaign to use for that particular marketing.

This feature seems to be gone in SuiteCRM:

where ALL prospect lists of a campaign will be sent to ALL e-mail marketings.

Is that observed correctly or did I miss a configuration steP

I don’t know the Campaigns module well enough to answer you, and I am a bit confused by the German labels which unfortunately I don’t understand…

But anyway, I would say you should be able to do what you need by using different Target Lists in each marketing round. You can reopen the wizard and change them. I’m not sure there’s a need for a master “Campaign Target List”, if you don’t want to have one.

Does this make any sense?

Hi and thanks for your reply!
The issue is described here:

It got closed w/o further feedback.

But it is vital, as it breaks the whole funnel approach of a Campaign, as of now the “Campaigns” module of SuiteCRM basically acts like one huge “E-Mail Marketing”.

Further description is coming up :slight_smile:

Do you have any problem with the approach I suggested, editing the Campaign to change the Target Lists in each marketing round?

Both, SugaCRM and SuiteCRM, are compelling solutions that attract the companies of all sizes. However, SugarCRM places a focus on enterprises, while the small and mid-sized organizations admire SuiteCRM.

Anyway I am a Suite CRM fan.

I’d say large enterprises have the most to win from using SuiteCRM. They can invest in quality support and code development, which gives them a business experience on par with SugarCRM - and their investment goes into their own customizations and improvements, which become part of their acquired capital, instead of being a license fee that you just go on paying and paying and paying…


Hi there,

I also noticed this behavior a few months (year) ago.
And I agree with MartinSch. Il you have several ‘marketing’ emails to send in a same campaign to different target lists, it was easy to do it in the previous releases by selecting the correct target lists for each marketing email.
You could even “play” with the different kinds of target lists in order to exclude for example some targets from the lists for a particular marketing email.
With the current releases, it has become quite hard to deal with this kind of job. Because you have to remove target lists from the campaigns, then add a new one, prepare and send your email marketing, then remove target list, add new ones, prepare and send a new email marketing, and so on…
After some rounds, it is quite difficult to remember what you have done… :slight_smile:
It would be great if this functionality would be available again in the future releases.

Best regards


Maybe you guys can both post on that Github issue linked above, and claim it’s a bug, not a suggestion :slight_smile: