E-mail Client

Anyone willing to get the specs from suiteCRM and create an update and contribute back to the community? I’d like to get a new email client and I’ll support 50% of the total costs of this upgrade.


I would also make a contribution if the development goes into the core product… The mail client urgently requires an upgrade in order to work well. It lacks the clarity to works with it fast and exclusively.

A client as AfterLogic Lite or Roundcube would fit in well with the functions of the Suite Client. This would also make third-party products for mail archiving, etc. unnecessary.

Perfect would be a built-in mail client / server that can be accessed externally as a standalone Webmail. Roundcube could even include the calendar.


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I would be happy to make a donation for the development of a new client, so that we can all benefit.

The current email client is not playing nicely with my templates. I would definitely like to see the current client replaced.

Hi wmelon,

Email client modifications are on the roadmap. This will be a fairly extensive redevelopment in the project. We will keep you updated.

On the donation points, I will get back to you asap.



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Hi - any update on this matter? Like the others on this thread, I’m also willing to contribute in funding the e-mail client re-write.

The e-mail client in SuiteCRM 7.2.x is completely broken and thus useless. so there is some urgency…

Any updates appreciated,



I agree about the need for a new email client. I am also willing to support the community with a donation.

Would love to see the email client updated soon. Or some way to integrate external clients such as Roundcube.

Any updates on this? Looks like it was on the development roadmap over a year ago - any progress?