Dynamic TAB based on url+variable


we are evaluating SuiteCRM as replacement for Saleforce

Accounts in my organization have a unique identifier called CUSTOMERID

We have added a field called CUSTOMERID in accounts, importing the value

Would it be possible to create a tab in accounts view layout where we can pass an internal url + variable CUSTOMERID?

this would call my company internal application to show CUSTOMERID histotical data

thanks for your suggestions and keep up the good work!


Every record in SuiteCRM is identified by an id in GUID form (stuff like 4ecc06e7-b9e4-da2f-5751-59d8c027dd65).

However, it is not mandatory to use that form of id. As long as it is unique, it works. So you can safely import records into the database with your own ID. For the new record creation, the assignment of the ID would have to be customized, of course (unless you are willing to work with GUID’s, but they quite inconvenient if you want humans to handle them manually).

I’m just telling you this so you can evaluate if this would be a better approach for you. You will naturally see your id on the URL of every Detail/Edit screen, and it might facilitate some customizations.

thanks for the quick reply,

I will try to rephrase and better explain what I am doing:

  • i created a new field into accounts type text called CUSTOMERID

  • i imported my cmopany value into CUSTOMERID

  • I created a new field into accounts type iframe called IFRAME

  • I created a new tab into accounts detail view layout

  • I inserted the IFRAME field into the new account tab

Now I’m missing how to pass http://mycompanyapplication.com?=DYNAMICCUSTOMERID into the iframe to load externalurl

Any suggestion is welcome



I don’t think that’s a proper way to do it at all. You are trying to put HTML code into the record’s fields?

If you want to add external panels, you need to customize PHP code. You probably need to override one of the display classes in the view. This is a bit complicated and I’ve never done it, you’ll have to Google for examples of custom views.

I once posted a very simple example:

But that gives you an idea of how you can play with the HTML in the views.

You also have some Listview customization examples in this site:

… and that is from the author of the eBook you can get to learn all of this and start developing for SuiteCRM. Good luck!

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thanks gain for your reply,

although not very elegant I was able to solve with iframe field and post the procedure here




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Actually I like your solution. I didn’t even know about the iframe field type, much less about it’s ability to pass data as variables.

It looks pretty cool, and can be used for many things. Thanks for teaching me something new!