Dynamic Dropdown - unspecified document folders in search window

Hello all,

i added a dynamic dropdown list to the documents module. My problem is, that in the document search window every subfolder is “unspecified” since i dont use the default “subcategory” field. This makes adding documents to specific accounts a little annoying.

Is there a way to either

  1. make the subfolder name dependent on my custom subcategory field.
  2. convert the default subcategory dropdown to a dynamic dropdown.

Whichever is easier :slight_smile:

Pretty new to this CRM business. But I’m very happy with Suite. Thanks for all your great work.

I solved it myself. I just made a workflow that copies the value from my custom dynamic dropdown field “Sub category” to the default Dropdown Field “Sub category” which is hidden from the edit and detail views. Not pretty, but it works