Dynamic Dropdown fields not saving on v8.4.1

I’m facing 2 issues After upgrading to SuiteCRM v8.4.1 ,

  • the first problem is that Dynamic Dropdown fields are not saving when saving a record and after checking the network tab I found that the values of the dynamic dropdown fields are not sent.
  • the second problem in the Multi-select fields is required to select value every time I edit a record even if the field already has value.

Any support is highly appreciated.

they seem to valid issues with v8.4.1 . Can you create these issues on the SuiteCRM git repo

The issue still exists in version 8.5,
As you can see in the screenshot below from the SuiteCRM demo site the case status doesn’t save

Yes you are right the issue is still there. I guess it’s not pressing for anyone to add a fix for this.
You can change the view type of the cases module to legacy view which should fix the issue in the cases module (file: config/services/module/module_routing.yaml)
change record to false and clear cache

If you don’t want to change the view type you can hire a developer to fix this issue for you

Thanks @abuzarfaris this would work if we can proceed with the legacy view and another way is to have the public/dist folder from v8.3 (before this issue).

I fear just copying the public/dist might break the system. but changing the view to legacy will surely fix the issue

This is the equivalent of running SuiteCRM v8.4.1 with the front-end of v8.3. I’d say it’s very likely to break at some point.

It would be a different matter if you could discover the exact files causing the bug, then you could make your hack a lot more focused, and therefore less risky.

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