Dutch translations - transifex

Do you want me to upload the files from your github?

The dutch languages are from:

  • old pack from from prudento

  • old sugar files from ecrm - https://github.com/harish-patel/ecrm (not on top of previous translation, just the lines not translated)

  • then all was overwritten by files from your github (downloaded in 17/03/2015).

  • If you want I can upload fresh files from your github so you will end up with the most complete language pack! When we upload new files transifex overwrites only the lines with translations!

Note1: There could be some lines from Prudento pack not overwritten by your files because they where not translated.
Also note that there are many duplicated terms so the one translated in your file overwrites the one in the same transifex file but not the other terms form other transifex files (filled by translation memory form the initial translation files).

Note2: To avoid double work, translate only using Transifex: I will download and create basic language packs for you, and then you can create your own version of the language pack with extra features if you want.

Confuse? If you want skype me at: pizidoro

When imported the github files, i am wondering why we have 242 untranslated items in

When checking the github file, there are 295 translated items.

Anyway i think the best way forward is that i will email/post you the files, which are missing a lot of entries so we only upload a few files rather than doing a bulk again.

I will connect via Skype than we will see how we fix this.


I uploaded your file to

Note: that file has a non-standard way for arrays, as in

$app_list_strings['moduleList']['jjwg_Maps'] = 'Kaarten';

it requires a pre-edition before upload to transifex (and again when downloading)

General note (for everybody):
when uploading files do not upload lines with original lines (the non translated lines) as it will mess your translation memory and you will not see how many lines to translate!
So clean up those lines before translating!

is there a dutch update? when i install the dutch package on the latetst crm i am getting some bugs?

Can you be a little more specific about where the bug is so i can look into it. URL were is goes wrong will already be helpfull