Dutch sugarCRM 6.4 pack installed SuiteCRM 7.0.

This Dutch languagepack can be succesfully installed on suiteCRM.

Hi there,

Are you aware if the developer, or yourself, would be willing to extend the language pack to create a fully compatible SuiteCRM Dutch language pack? This could be included as standard in the SuiteCRM language list, as is Russian/Spanish in 7.0.2.



i have made a repository on https://github.com/erikvanberkum/SuiteCRM_Dutch for the Dutch translation, this translation is between 80-90% correct and missing quite some parts. I work slowly my way to the end. I am wondering about the naming of the files. Should this be nl_NL.lang.php or nl_nl.lang.php at this moment its not consistent in all material. I see other languages are all used without capitals.

Dear Erik,

I used the latest dutch-language file downloaded from github, but when I switch in de logon screen to the dutch language, the screen will be blank.
Also the zip file will have a subdirectory … when I use the file straight … the module loader will give an error.
Everything ’ must’ be in the root of the zip-file.
What do you think ?
I use the latest version of SuiteCRM



This is very well possible I have uploaded the files and started translating also i have added renamed and removed some directories to comply with the structure of SuiteCRM. Since I am still translating and diffing the files and lines in the right order previous updates have been added to the bottom and consistency is difficult to check so i line them up in the same order as the English files.

At the moment all modules have been translated and checked up till leads the rest still needs to be done. I have not done an install of this package myself yet as I like to finish translating all modules first before taking the next step. So please have a little patience until i get to the bottom.

@developers maybe can some guide me if this package needs to be installed or if it will be standard wrapped in a future release of SuiteCRM? Further more i have an unanswered question about naming convention: should this be nl_NL.lang.php or nl_nl.lang.php?

Hi Erik,

The naming convention for your language pack can be nl_NL or nl_nl. If you are translating SuiteCRM fully, as long as you specify your key in the config file this will work.

It would be ideal to make the language pack and installable, but it may also be implemented into SuiteCRM after it has been analysed by the SuiteCRM team.



The Dutch language pack is almost ready for a first release, i am testing myself now and debugging the last errors.
enthusiasts zip this up and install it, on a test machine. https://github.com/erikvanberkum/SuiteCRM_Dutch

I have one issues, maybe one of the developers can help me with this, in the menu when you hoover over ALL you get a two column menu displayed because one column doesn’t fit, in the Dutch version it stays one column where can the file that is causing this?

I have first alpha release version of the Dutch SuiteCRM version ready. Compared to the last version of SugarCRM Dutch, I have added over 40 files, and added many missing translations into the existing files. All files are also clean-up because previous translation were added to the bottom and i have put them in-line with the English text. Please install this version on a test environment and report any errors in the Apache log or the SugarLog file

Dutch Language Pack SuiteCRM

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Hi Erik,

Thank you for your contribution of the language pack.

In the following days I am going to be testing your language pack.

Can you create a pull request for this on GitHub and also sign the contributor agreement?

This will speed up the process for consideration for inclusion in the SuiteCRM project.

Again, we thank you for your contribution.

Kind Regards,


Some feedback for this language pack.

i should suggest to change:

Case module:

“Klachten” to “Dossieren” because Cases are not always complaints.
“Provincie” to “Staat”

Thank you for your feed back, I will update klachten to dossiers in the 7.2 Dutch language release. I agree that dossiers is an improvement.
With your suggestion for state which is a nice short word, I prefer to stick to province as Holland and Belgium both have provinces and not states.
In stead of states you could also opt for counties and districts which is the proper wording for some other countries.

Have a great day,

Erik van Berkum


I am ready to move forward, I signed and sent the contributor agreement. Studied Git and Github became aware of a whole new world behind this and made a fork to my account. My questions is should i copy in all the files by hand or can i run the module uploader? I think i should use the first approach but i want to confirm what you think is the best strategy. I don’t want to do this a few times to get it right there are almost 500 files.

Second question on Github i don’t see commits towards the SuiteCRM beta 7.2 when are those coming so I can add new translations from version 7.1 to 7.2

Thanks for your input.


Hey Erik,

I’ve tried to install the language pack on version 7.2.1 but it seems not to work on this version. It is installed via the Module Loader. I’ve excluded the other languages but it doesn’t change to Dutch. How is this possible? Is this package only tested on earlier versions?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Fabian Honing

Hello Fabian
I haven’t tested yet so i run a quick one in 7.2.1 clean install
Installed Dutch language pack 7.1.1. without problems
After installation no further configuration in admin area required.
login page pulldown select Nederlands

This version 7.1.1. is fully compatible with 7.1.1. and will miss some translations to version 7.2.1.

I will shortly start updating to this version as i received some more input from other users to improve quality and consistency.

Please download latest version which contains a small bug fix on the email templates.


let me know any other issues as i couldn’t find any errors in the apache log.

Hello Erik,

Thank you for the quick reply! I have seen that in some documentation but I don’t have a pulldown on login (see attachment).

Kind regards,


Strange mine looks like this, the funny thing on your screenshot is it’s says wachtwoord vergeten, which is Dutch?
start by enabling English language as well.

you have this menu in the admin area?

module loader

language config:

Hi Erik,

I don’t have the dropdown, but I noticed it also. When I logged on a couple of minutes ago, it’s Dutch!

Yesterday I changed all file/folder permission on the server (chmod -R 775 /var/www/html/suitecrm). I think this solved the problem :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your help.