Duration_hours duration_minutes is crap

Currently my calls below 1 minute are recorded as 0:00. There are calls with 59 seconds that are still valid. Information in a database should be accurately portrayed, you can not just cut of 59 seconds of a call.

I am not really fully educated in database design, but having the duration of a call split into two fields in the database looks like shit to me. Why not just store seconds in one field? Why not store an interval.

I thought with the new 8 such ridiculous things would be fixed.

Take it easy with the rants, ok? There is nobody getting rich with SuiteCRM, there is only a very small team working on it. It has these inconveniences that you’ve been discovering, and it has thousands more. It moves slowly. If you want things fixed you need to pay someone to do it or do it yourself - this is an open-source community.

I can see you had different expectations, buy hey, this is the reality of the project. I still think it has an unbeatable price/quality ratio, but it’s definitely not for everyone.