Duplicating email campaign

Running SuiteCRM 7.8.31. My email campaigns are often repeated where the email template is the same and the tracker URLs are the same.

What does vary is the selection of the target lists (where there is not overlap between target lists) and, of course, the date and time of sending.

Can I somehow duplicate the foundation of the campaign as described above and reuse it multiple times, each time with a different target list and time for sending?

I think that is the whole concept behind Newletter campaigns and the “marketing record” which you enter in one of the steps of the wizard:


Thank you, I will look into that.

@yagtr4562 if my memory serves me correctly if you duplicate an email campaign and try to send emails it gets supressed because the contacts already got the email (from the one you copied). @pgr is correct if you plan to send multiple emails to the same or similar list, it’s best to do a newsletter type campaign and just add new sends to it.