duplicated contacts in listview but is not true

Hi everybody,
I have the following problem in suitecrm 7.4.3

when I try to list all the contacts, I can find most part of them are duplicated but is not true because if I try to merge two of the duplicated contacts, a pop up is shown telling me it is necesary to select more than 1. I tried to export these duplicated records and the result is a csv file with only one record

I checked the contacts table in mysql and no records duplicated are in this table

I did a quick and repair, I tried with several browsers, diferent os … and the result always is the same. It seems that is something wrong in some SQL statement :confused:
Can you help me please ?

Any idea about this issue?

Please help

I was my fault :oops:

The behavior is correct. If you assign a contact to multiples accounst then you get several times that account in the listview

because they are individual records in the accounts_contacts table, like you said same contact related to many accounts…