Duplicate validation in suitecrm

I want to check duplicate value in opportunity, can someone suggest - or some similar cost-free/ cost-effective solution of Duplicate Detector

Do you mean just a check while saving a new opportunity, check if it (or similar) already exists? You could have a logic_hook do this.

Or do you mean a checking process that goes over all Opportunities and lists duplicates, and eventually let’s you merge them?

You could simply hire a developer to do it for you. One-time fee, it’s better than recurring cost, and you get to make it very close to your requirements.

I can get you a SalesAgility quote for that work if you ask me. Thanks

Hello, how to implement checking data before saving if it is already exist? like I have 3 criteria if first name, last name and mobile number are match it won`t be save.

Heres my sample logic

If(firstName = true && lastName = true && mobile = true)
error message
auto save data