Duplicate records in securitygroups_records

Hi, in the heritage I got a big project on this engine. After analyzing it, I was horrified. Table securitygroups_records takes, attention, 98GB !!!
Looking deeper, I noticed that every time a record is saved in any modules / SecurityGroups / SecurityGroup :: inherit_assigned () module adds an entry to this table. I found a huge number of identical records.

I think the fact is that inherit_assigned only checks for the presence of assigned_user_id in focused Bean.

Your opinion is important to me: is this the correct behavior conceived by the developers, or is it a bug?

Thank you in advance!

Suite Version: 7.6.4
Sugar version:
“sugar_version”: “6.5.23”,
“sugar_db_version”: “6.5.23”,
“sugar_flavor”: “CE”,
“sugar_build”: “1061”,
“sugar_timestamp”: “2015-10-16 04:48pm”

ps: Sorry for mistakes, google translate )

Any DB will require maintenance eventually. SuiteCRM doesn’t delete records. They are flagged only.

Take a look to this blog:


When doing an inherit from assigned user it checks for an existing securitygroups_records entry for that security group, record ID, and module. If you are seeing duplicates I wonder if that is also being added by another process or if you are on an older version of SecuritySuite.