Duplicate record insert in Contact by Import wiz

I am trying to use Import wizard of Contacts. While importing it shows me Email address, Full name, First Name & Last Name as fields to check for duplicates.
I want that when I upload my .csv file having 3000+ records, it should just check uniqueness of combined Mobile Phone & Email Address. I mean combined combination
of Email Adress & Mobile number. Suppose a field is having same Email ID however mobile number is different then It should insert it rather than marking it as duplicate & not inserting it in Contacts.

It is on the Step 4 of Import wizard -" Check for Possible Duplicates"

I mean there are two selection box “Fields to Check” & “Available Fields”… I Available fields only Email address, Full name, First Name & Last Name will come. I want
here in “Available fields” Mobile number should also come. Please advice.

Hi there,

The field needs to be an index in the database. You will be able to check for duplicates on a field which is an index.



Hi Will,

Thanks for the comment, do I have to go to the database to index this field or can it be done via the SuiteCRM coding/ function/option/etc?

Many Thanks

Correct me if I’m wrong, Will - this can be done through phpMyAdmin whereby you create an index for the field