Duplicate "Notify on Assignment"

I set up “Notify on Assignment” for all users.
I’ve done two workflows in the lead module that run “Only on Save” and run on “All Records” (not just on new records or modified records) and run on “Repeat Runs”.
In a workflow, the condition are “any change” in the “status” field,
in the other workflow, the condition is “any change” in the “assigned to” field.

The problem:
The Assigned users now receive 3 email notifications on the assignment.

Can someone help me?
Best regards

There is a related bug that would help with this. This should be in the next release. But if you wanted to test this you can see the patch.

Let us know how you get on.

Thanks a lot.
I have SuiteCRM-on-demand, I don’t have any test environment to test the patch.
Can you tell us when do we have the next release?

Best regards,

Sure thing. The next release is ASAP (aiming for this week) to be honest. When it’s out you can raise a support ticket to upgrade.

Ok, thanks a lot for your help.
Best regards