Duplicate keys on language files

Going through the pt_PT translated files I’ve found some duplicate keys, p.e.:

$app_lists = array {
// Some 200 or 300 lines here...
'LBL_CREATE_CASE' => 'Criar Ocorrência',
// Some other 900 lines or a thousand...
'LBL_CREATE_CASE' => 'Criar Ocorrência',
// the rest of the array...

Shouldn’t we get rid of theese duplicates ? From the PHP language point-of-view, the second instance of the key will overrite the first…

in what file?
There are several duplicated keys but on different language files!

OK, found it:
Note: this is not related to a specific translations but a language level so lets give the example using the english language file

The duplicated lines are in the file: \include\language\en_us.lang.php
Line 2186

 'LBL_CREATE_CASE' => 'Create Case',

Line 2312

'LBL_CREATE_CASE' => 'Create Case',

Hope suiteCRM developers fix it!