Duplicate information in Case Updates on New Cases

When our system receives an email that creates a contact, a new case is created. Sometimes, the body of the email goes into the Case Updates Threaded as well as the description. I can’t find a common situation that causes this, but it does not happen every time.

The reason this is a problem is I have a workflow working off new Case Updates.

When a new ticket arrives, it comes in with a status of New. When the support person responds, they change the status to something like “waiting for customer”. Then when the customer responds, it creates a new Case Update. I have a workflow to change the status to “Pending Not New”. This way the support staff can look at the status and see that the customer has responded. All this works.

The problem is when the case is created, status set to “New”, then the system puts the body of the email as a new case update, which kicks off the workflow and changes to the status to “Pending Not New”.

I have a workaround for this problem, but I just wanted you to know.

Normally when someone reply’s to an email that is sent from a case the email goes into the body of the case by default. So if an email is related to a case any further replys will go into the case updates. Somehow via your work flow the system is being messed up. I would stop all the works flows and figure out what exactly is happening by default without the work flows running then start a new work flow based on that.

I wondering if something was missed on my original email.

When an email is sent to my group email account that creates cases, it does create a new case. The problem is that sometimes that email also creates a case update. We did not receive a second email or an update at this point.

The only reason I noticed this issue is because my workflow is triggered from the new case update linked to that case, not the new case. So the workflow isn’t triggered until there is a new case update.