Duplicate files when extracting SuiteCRM-7.0.2.zip


When I’m extracting the SuiteCRM-7.0.2.zip file to a new folder there appear to be several duplicate files in the archive. I am getting prompted to overwrite or skip several files (and some of them I’m prompted multiple times):

  1. fr_FR.AdvancedOpenSales.php
  2. icon_Jjwg_maps.gif
  3. icon_Jjwg_Maps.png
  4. fr_FR.lang.php

Is this expected? I’m using Windows Server 2008 R2.

Thanks for any help,


Hi Alan,

Where are these duplicates occuring? This may be theme related.



Hi Will,

I also have experienced this during multiple installations. It is entirely repeatable. Simply download from the web site and unzip for yourself and you will see exactly where it happens.



Have you ever found a solution to this? This is also happening with 7.3.1 MAX under Windows