Duplicate Declaration of $sfh in AOW-Workflow

I am currently trying to Install SuiteCrm 7.14 and always run into the same problem and I am curious if someone else experiences the same.

After entering all necessery credentials I click next and right after creating the database i get the error of a dublicate declaration of the var $sfh in aow_utils.php on line 645. In this file the variable is declared twice. I tried to use the isset-function without success.
Any ideas how to fix this?

Do you have the below code?

  if (isset($fieldlist[$fieldname]['type']) && $fieldlist[$fieldname]['type'] == 'currency' && $view != 'EditView') {
        static $sfh;

        if (!isset($sfh)) {
            $sfh = new SugarFieldHandler();

        if ($currency_id != '' && !stripos((string) $fieldname, '_USD')) {
            $userCurrencyId = $current_user->getPreference('currency');
            if ($currency_id != $userCurrencyId) {
                $currency = BeanFactory::newBean('Currencies');
                $value = $currency->convertToDollar($value);
                $value = $currency->convertFromDollar($value);

        $parentfieldlist[strtoupper($fieldname)] = $value;

        return($sfh->displaySmarty($parentfieldlist, $fieldlist[$fieldname], 'ListView', $displayParams));

Hi, yes it is exactly this code. In this part the $sfh is declared the second time.

The problem seems to have solved itself by changing the php version to V8.2.
With V8.3 the problem occured.

PHP 8.3 is not supported yet.

You should always refer this page to check combability.

I relied too much on the check of the environment when installing and it set my php Version is sufficient.

Are you still seeing that $sfh error?