Duplicate Cases

Hello, i recenly tried to duplicate the Cases module and i almost done it.
I renamed the module Fise
I duplicated and replaced everywhere Cases/Case with Fise
Now i can add a new ‘Fise’ but after i save it i get a message at the bottom and i don;t see any document or stuff related
This is the error that i get. i have all the database tables but i can;t figure out where from i get this error. If anyone did something similar to this i would apreaciate the help

[15195][1][FATAL] Error running count query for Fise List: Query Failed: ( SELECT count(*) c FROM documents INNER JOIN documents_fise ON fise.id=documents_fise.fise_id AND documents_fise.document_id=‘336a416b-c61f-f2d3-6fa0-546cc9728088’ AND documents_fise.deleted=0

where documents.deleted=0 ): MySQL error 1054: Unknown column ‘fise.id’ in ‘on clause’


I would like you to have a look at this …

Sugar uses ‘aCase’ as a bean name for ‘cases’ (a name of relationship)

See - modules/Accounts/vardefs.php

Search - cases - And you will came to know about it.

Sugar uses relationship to search table name as well as apply it for joins.


Alpesh Savaliya

Thx for the info, had some fields that forgot to change.