Dropdowns issues

Hello! I’m having some issues with some drop-down menus:

  1. When I select the “Mass Update” option in studio, it doesn’t work. In Ext/Modules/<Module>/vardefs, it’s set to “massupdate = true,” but it doesn’t take effect.
  2. When I select a drop-down option for a field, it automatically switches to another one. I save it, and a different drop-down option is selected.

I don’t understand where I should look in the SuiteCRM code to identify the problem or if it’s an issue with the cached data

can you post picture of studio field settings and the mass update screen ?

  1. Check mass update.

Automatically disappears after saving.


  1. In mass update, the field does not appear.

  1. Vardefs.

Well, I checked the PHP logs and there was an error with the permissions. I ran the commands according to the SuiteCRM documentation, and everything is working fine now.