Dropdown WITH Value

I really apologize for the NOOB question here, but for a contact I would like to add a credential type (dropdown) and credential number (value) and want these to be tied together for reporting purposes.

I believe the way to accomplish this is to create a module and tie it back to the contact. My problem is that when creating a “basic” template module I only need the fields of credential type and credential number but it is requiring the use of the “Name” field.

Am I trying to accomplish my needs in the correct way?

Thanks in advance for any help.

I tried it on my test system and I also can’t get it to work. I think it’s a bug - when I try to delete the “name” field (after making it non-required), I get a warning (normal) but then I get an empty box saying an error occurred.

On php_errors.log I see this at that time:

PHP Fatal error:  Class UndeployedSubpanelImplementation contains 1 abstract method and must therefore be declared abstract or implement the remaining methods (AbstractMetaDataImplementation::getFileName) in /var/www/html/modules/ModuleBuilder/parsers/views/UndeployedSubpanelImplementation.php on line 52

I’m using PHP 7.0, which version are you using?

Anyway, you should be able to work around this by making the “name” field non-required, adding your fields, and then making sure none of your layouts includes the “name” field. It will still be there but you won’t see it.

Why are you trying to create a separate module? Seems overly complicated to me. Why don’t you just add the two fields you want to the contact through Studio?

Thanks @pgr. I thought it might be a bug. I will try your suggestion.


That would be the simpler approach but in my case a contact may have multiple credential numbers and I must be able to report off which is which like:

AAA Membership: 485DFDFS55
Driver License: 7554FFSS46

There could be many different credential types that are selected from a dropdown and a value added.

So, to only pull Drive License numbers in a report for the contact I believe I would have to have this as it’s own module. Am I incorrect?

I still don’t see why you need another module for this. You can format a report and select the line items on the report based on whatever filter you like.

Just add them as fields to the contact.

So am I understanding you would want a filed for “credential type” and it would have a drop down for: Membership#, Drivers license, etc. and then have another field for “credential number” and it would be the number of the credential?

Why wouldn’t you just have a specific field for “AAA Memebrship #” and then another field for “Drivers License #” etc.? Unless you have like 20 different options, it would just be easier to include all the fields and only the applicable ones need to be filled out.

In reports its easy just to select the field you want to display by contact.

Thanks @pstevens,

I understand your point and it is valid. But there could be any kind of credential for a client that “could” be added. I cannot simply define a set and know that they will or won’t be used. I would rather have the user be able to specify the credential type (from usable dropdowns, adding a new one if necessary) and credential number. I appreciate your help.

Your welcome. As a general rule you create a module for a different entity. You create fields for data.

So lets say you had “customers” and you wanted to capture more data, you would normally just add new fields.

Let’s say in addition to “customers” you had “suppliers” it would make sense to make “suppliers” their own module and then create the specif fields you needed for Suppliers in the suppliers module.

Good Luck.

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